This page is filled with personal wants for Mindtaker Miniatures and staff.

We will trade favorably for these items (50%+ retail depending on item.)

For items not on this list, we may still accept them in trade at a much lower rate (25% or less of retail)

- Paypal $$$

For trade only, we will accept current, new in shrink, Games Workshop items at 50% of retail value.

- Kill team organized play schwag Like this
- Kill team Cards and playmats from sets other than the starter
- Kill Team Core Datacards or Universal Tactics Cards
- Killzone: Wall of Martyrs (Mat, cards, booklet)
- Killzone: Death World Forest (Mat, cards, booklet)
- Killzone: Sector Munitorum (Mat, cards, booklet) PENDING
- Killzone: Sector Mechanicus (Mat, cards, booklet)
- Kill Team: Gaunt's Ghosts
- Kill Team: Schaffer's Last Chancers
- Kill Team: Advanced Team Starpulse (Cards, tokens, booklet)
- Kill Team: The Exalted Scythe (Cards, tokens, booklet)
- Kill Team: Drop Force Imperator (Cards, tokens, booklet)
- Kill Team: The Writhing Shadow (Cards, tokens, booklet)
- Kill Team: Rogue Trader (cards, tokens, books, starstriders, game board)

- Munitorum Containers (just the containers, but scatter terrain is fine as well)
- Relicos Militarum
- Sector Imperialis Previous-Era Terrain
- Sector Imperialis Ruins
- Sector Imperialis Administratum
- Sector Imperialis Basilicanum
- Sector Imperialis Sanctum
- Sector Mechanicus Promethium Refinery
- Sector Mechanicus Sacristan Forgeshrine
- Sector Mechanicus Thermic Plasma Regulator
- STC Ryza-Pattern Ruins

- Citadel Creeping Vines
- Grass Flocking / Flock Applicator
- Citadel Painting Handle
- Airbrushes (this will be particular, so let me know what you have)

- Female Inquisitor with inferno pistol and cane
- Questing Knight (Bretonnia) Bits (metal) - Banner, Reliquaries, etc.)PIC
- Immolator Side Door Fleur Icon PIC
- Seraphim superior with BP/Chainsword (Mail Order Only) PIC
- FW Repressors (legit only)
- Warriors of Redemption Booklet PIC
- Sisters of Sigmar

- New Space Wolf Dice
- Geigor Fell-Hand NOS
- Space Wolf Legion Praetor (FW)
- Njal in Terminator Armor (Metal)
- Space Wolves Primaris Battle Leader
- Space Wolf Primaris Upgrade Sprues
- Primaris Librarian (NOS or NIB)
- Primaris Reivers (NOS or NIB)
- FW Freki and Geri

- Canis Rex/Preceptor or just the Canis Rex/Preceptor upgrade sprue
- Forgeworld Aircraft Punisher Cannons
- Full Baneblade/Shadowsword/etc kit on Sprue/in box

- Belladonna (FW Necromunda)
- Kria the Huntress (FW Necromunda)
- The Redeemer Black Library limited edition This one: PIC. Just need the terrain now.
- Redemptionists

- Celestine: The Living Saint from Black Library
- Sisters of Battle, The Omnibus
- Warhammer Adventures Young Adult Novels
- ForgeWorld Indexes (physical only) (except Astra Mil, Chaos)
- Greyfax Art Card from GW Direct

- Endless Spells: Nighthaunt
- Endless Spells: Stormcast Eternals
- Endless Spells: Beasts of Chaos
- Morathi (NOS/NIB)
- Warscryer Citadel

- Star Saga: Deadzone Character Card Pack
- Star Saga: Terror in the Deep Mini Expansion
- Star Saga: The Devil's Betrayal Expansion
- Star Saga: Retake the Blackstar Station Expansion

- Battlestar Galactica Board Game Expansions
- Smallworld Designer Edition
- Zombicide (Not sure on this one, so not priority, but if someone has a good deal)

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