We buy and sell used miniatures!

Mindtaker Miniatures is a buyer/seller of wargaming and roleplaying items. We sell on Ordo Fanaticus, Bartertown, Dakkadakka, Facebook and eBay.

Have a large lot of miniatures that you want to get rid of? We do both consignment and outright purchase, depending on your comfort level and need for immediate cash.

We can do this one of two ways:

- Outright Purchase / Trade-In
We buy your miniatures for cash at approximately 25% of retail price and resell them. We don't do this with everything because some things just don't sell. This is the quickest and easiest option for you. You get cash immediately for your miniatures!

You can also use this as a 'Trade-In' to use as credit for purchasing other miniatures. This works exactly the same as outright purchase unless the items are on our Wants List. Items on our Wants List will be traded for at 50% of retail value or more.

- Consignment
We sell your stuff for you and take a 25% cut of any sales. We will generally do this with any item. It takes a bit longer for you to get paid, but you earn more for your items.

If you're interested, let us know. We're always looking for more inventory/consignments.

We can provide you an estimate for potential sales/consignments based on a list and pictures or, if you are ready to go, you can drop off the items and we will start the process immediately.

For a more detailed review of the Consignment Agreement, see our policy page.

Items that we don't accept
The following items will not be accepted for purchase, trade or consignment:
- Recast items (personal cast or from a third party recaster)
- Non-NIB Privateer Press items

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